Post-Birthday Post

So It's just past that time of year when I get one year older. It's that time when you realise whether you either fulfilled or didn't quite hit the desired excitement, commitment and expected journeys within the 365 days you had to do them in. Its a time when you will reflect, often on the past, the experiences particularly in the year that has just gone behind you. 
I just wanted to do a blog post about the day that you "change" even though you may not understand or feel any "change". I feel its just this known idea, a mental maturity I guess you could call it, that grows each year. I love this time as a point to gather with those who you haven't seen in a while and celebrating with those closest to you. 
So this is just a random note that I felt typing whilst my birthday pasts around the corner - I wanted to make sure that you all make the most of the time you have so when your birthday comes you dont feel the regret of the year that has past and feel the excitement for the year that is ahead!
 I hope you enjoyed this randomness chatter by me and hopefully another post will be on the way very soon.


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