Life as a University student. You all might not know that I'm just about to enter back into my second semester, second year at University. To me its absolutely crazy that its already been over a year and a half since I started, it feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for my year 12 Ball, was cramming for finals and freaking out about my ATAR and exam scores. Life as a Uni student has been extremely different to anything I ever imagined, obviously this #Unilife report will be ongoing whilst changes occur, but I thought we could explore my experiences so far, share what I have learned about the Uni world that is still so new and unfamiliar.

First of all is travel: Obviously depending on where you live and what Uni you end up choosing to go to, your travel experience will be totally different to someones else's - for me its interesting... with public transport a major factor the travel time and distance that I personally have to endure has been both a good and bad experience. I feel travelling further away from home has allowed me to explore and get to know my city a little more- it definitely gets you up and about and for me a little out of my comfort zone which I think is really helpful. The negatives is how your left to play the waiting game... its all a part of the experience. 

Next is work load: I didn't know what the work load would be like getting into Uni. I knew it would be hard work but noone told me to what extent. Not to make anyone scared or nervous but there is a lot of work you have to do ad it shouldn't be disregarded - having come straight from high school made it a little easier I'd think, however the work load is defiantly something that requires some dedication and head-down attention, but remember all hard work pays off. 

What about friends? Now this one depends on you. How outgoing you are, your personality and obviously how you present yourself, as yourself. For me being in an unfamiliar, unknown setting I find it extremely difficult to be the 'real' me around others, the me that my family and friends see. My first weeks at uni saw me as an anxious, shy, and nervous wreck - I think anyways - and I found it really difficult to fit myself into the groups that were naturally forming. Keep in mind I've always been like this and everyone will have a different experience making friends than me. But it surely gets better, just being yourself can attract people, from experience I know this as fact. Also take advantage of group assignments, these help you get to know people and lets others get to know you, always a good way to start. And if people you already know are attending the same Uni as you - you are the lucky ones so cherish it but don't forget theres always room for more friendship.

So I think I'll finish it here maybe at a later date i'll update you guys about whats been happening maybe some tips and tricks of attending Uni or Getting organised etc. Would you like that? Comment below any requests or recommendations of what you would like to see me talk about soon. As always let your minds wander x M


  1. This was really nice to read. I've just started uni and because I moved over here, I don't have any friends (yet). There are people who I can sit with for lectures and tutes but I haven't really found a group of friends I can just hang out with. How long did it take you?
    xx Silje | Fauna Lou

    1. Hey Silje,

      Starting uni is a scary time and it really was for me. I just say keep up with it for the first couple of weeks or so or even months, you may not really have a group you can count on to have lunch with and meet up with in your first few weeks, just keep at it. Be open, be yourself and take advantage of the situations your put in (like group assignments etc.) soon enough you'll find some people you can easily talk too. It has taken me quite a bit of time to really solidify a nice group of people from uni, but the wait is worth it so don't give up :) Good Luck!




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