Nutrimetics: a new skin product love of mine

Testing out skin products is something I often fail to do. It's the commitment I struggle with and the repetitiveness of it. But when I find something that impresses me first time round, I know its a keeper. Recently I was gifted two nutrimetics products - a brand that I've heard good things about but never actually jumped to try - and was totally excited when I fell in love. I received the Nutri-rich Moisturising Body Satin enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil - which is my favourite and the Nutri-rich Shower Oil enriched with Kernel Oil, one a light moisturiser and the other a rich body wash.

1. Nutri-rich Moisturising Body Satin. A super cool spray on oil that leaves, as is labelled, a satin like smoothness and glow to the skin. If you want silky legs, this is what does the trick. I hate when a moisturiser leaves that super oily, sticky residue on my hands and legs and the reason I love this so much is because this product sooo doesn't do that. Even though I wouldn't recommend completely substituting this for your daily moisturiser, it's a definite must for days and nights when your legs come out to play. Nicknamed 'sensuality in a can' this bad boy will be you and your legs' new best friend.

2. Nutri-rich Shower Oil. An extremely different product, one I've never come across before, this shower oil is an extremely rich body soap where a little goes a long way. Producing a luxurious lather on a shower sponge or loofa this softly scented product doesn't leave an oily residue behind after your wash and as a unique shower product is definitely one my skin loves. It's definitely a product I'll use up but with a love for switching it up repurchasing may come later rather than sooner.

Have you tried any Nutrimetics products? Do you love or not? I'd love to hear.


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