My go-to 'snow white' look for the festive season

The Festive Season is quickening to its end and with myself in denial of its rapidly approaching halt, I thought I'd share a lip pencil that I believe is the perfect festive hue that can totally be worn through to the New Years celebrations ( I totally will). Recently I picked up the NARS 2014 Digital World Set which is an absolutely amazing holiday exclusive containing 5 conveniently sized travel friendly versions of their famous lip pencils in a divine white laced acrylic box. I won't go too much into the set itself however one particular colour stood out to me - Cruella. Its a gorgeous deep yet bright red. I'd say the perfect red to suit all skin types. With a velvet, creamy matte texture and finish the colour glides on your lips as smoothly as ever. I'm in loveDefinitely if your a red lip lover or someone looking to start investing in the perfect red lip product, you must check this one out at a NARS counter - the plus is its not a limited ed. to this set which means its available all year round. Thats right ladies do the snow white thing - go crazy and wander in red.



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