DIY Decor: Inspiration Board

I thought I would post about a little Decor project I've been slowly completing. Just something to spruce up my bedroom and kind of de-clutter a mood board of mine and my mind too I guess. So basically it's an image board or mood board of images that I'm inspired by,  what i'm loving at the moment and even consists of some of my own pictures with friends and family.  Its a really simple and easy project but is super effective so I though I'd share it with you all. Hopefully you give it a try and enjoy x

So a quick HOW TO:
1. PLAN. What are you inspired by? What do you want the Decor to show, represent, or just look like? For me I basically wanted it to be a cleaner more sleek version of my original inspiration board. Something that doesn't look cluttered, with images of my friends and I, of what I love in terms of design, fashion, and makeup and images of my favourite YouTubers, Bloggers, and celebrities. Just things that will motivate me and Inspire me everyday.

2. Collect your Images. I found my Images online and basically filled up a folder on my computer. There are so many places that have awesome imagery; obviously your own photos are important, Instagram is my obsession and I love to take images from there. Also Pinterest has great design stuff and tumblr just provides a whole lobby of images. All these places plus google images are awesome  to collect images for your own mood board so... collect away!

3. Size and Print. Next step is to size and print your images. You can use Microsoft WORD or if your more high tech and have the Adobe software, InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator will work... so take your pick. I made some of my images squares at 2x2 inches and the full Instagram screenshots at 2x1 inches so slightly smaller, but print some different sizes out and check how big or small you would like before you go and print all of your images at once !

4. Cut, Arrange and Paste. Onto the last steps... cut it all out, arrange it where you want and paste it. It may take a while if you have to hand cut with scissors but be patient because the end result will be worth it! You can leave a slight border around the images like I did or cut it straight to the edge. Your Preference!
First know where your placing your decor or more importantly on what? I used a Magnetic Board I bought from IKEA and arranged all the pictures, but you can use a cork board and pin you images or a photo frame for a more sleeked look.

After this is arrangement. How do you want it set up? I desired a sleek and clean look so I opted to align my images in rows, but there are no rules, you can create a pattern with your images, overlap them the design us all up to you.

Finally is to Paste. I didn't want my images to be permanent on my magnetic board so I basically used Blue Tack to stick my image to its surface. Obviously it depends on what surface you have and if you want it permanent or not but there are always alternatives.

5. ALL DONE! Admire your work and totally put it in a space where everyone can see. As you can see below mine is yet to be entirely completed but I'm going to keep adding images until I fill the whole surface of my magnetic Board so keep an eye here for an update!


Hopefully you enjoyed this kind of impromptu DIY Project and please comment if you try it yourself because I would love to check it out! Good Luck.


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