Project Uni #1

As a communications student I find myself immersed within a large variety of different mediums of design and art which is both incredibly interesting and awesome. With that I get to be a creator, developer, writer and imaginator and I would love to, as these things, be a contributer and a, ( is that even a word?). I would love to give you all an insight into some images Ive created and share with you all these projects I've completed for classes and units. As mainly design projects and artistic assignments, I hope you'll all enjoy and gain inspiration from them in some way or another.

To start this mini series off... here is a final submission from Semester 1 of 2014 and some of the images used in its development. An animated gif conveniently combining my love for design, collage and fashion with a digital construction, what more can a girl ask for?

'Fashion Flies 2.0'An original animated Gif by Melissa Waldron.

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