StyleAid 2015 | The Event

Just the other week I experienced something I had dreamed of, and only ever saw on TV. The glamour and adrenaline of any backstage area of a high class event is awesome in itself but imagine the craziness and rumoured amazingness of a runway show. StyleAid is an incredible annual event held to raise funds for the Western Australian Aids Council, accompanied by a yearly changing theme ( this year 60's GOGO), and upcoming spring/summer fashions from a range of local and international designers, the show is delightfully entertaining and designed to bring awareness and support to an amazing cause.

You might be wondering by now what part I had in it all, I do admit it was only a minor element of a large production and an incredible all volunteer team, but I was excited nevertheless to even be involved. So I was a dresser. Just one of the many dressers to help the many gorgeous models into their looks and garments by the many designers. What I expected and the reality of being backstage was entirely different and both the same, but I was so glad to have experienced all that it offered. No matter how much I may have wanted to be in the glamorous ball room, decked out in sophisticated monochrome decor and tableware, I was so glad to be amongst all the lights, cameras, models, fashions, photographers, makeup artists, designers, volunteers and coordinators backstage where all the magical final touches and absolutely last minute ruckus was going on. It was beyond anything I've ever experienced. My two beautiful male models were so kind and helpful making it a breeze for me to dress, ( thanks David and Blake :) ) and even though I had so many nerves pre show once the adrenalin kicked in and the runway proceeded it became an experience I want to re-live again and again so... bring on next year!

Please check out the StyleAid Facebook page for more updates on the event including photos from the night and check out these websites for more information on WAAC and StyleAid.

All photographs by Ryan Ammon.


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