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Lets talk books. So recently I stumbled on a 3 for 2 sale at a local book store and really couldn't help myself, so I picked up a couple of sneaky novels to indulge in throughout my current University 'hiatus', otherwise known as semester break. These may be familiar to you all as they are popular book titles that have been out for a while, but I say better late than never... right? 

First up and the book I really don't know much about is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I'm always up for a good teen romance and have wanted to pick up this bad boy after many suggestion hits on good ole book depository.com, so I thought this would be a neat addition to my quirky and romantic book collection and can't wait to delve into yet another ever evolving story of young love.

Second is Paper Towns by John Green. Umm yes I'm a huge fan of John Green and thought I'd pick up this bad boy and give it a read before the movie came out (keep in mind these purchases were made before the films release date), so I did and as usual adore the quirky, and unique sense of humour and nature all of Greens books entail. Again a story of young love intertwined into a mystery... who doesn't like the sound of that!? Oh and did I mention Cara Delevingne played a fabulous and seriously 'normal' Margo?

Finally is where I am way late to the game. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, I saw and conquered the film and fell in love with its truly dark and enticing nature but knew, like always, that the book would be even better than what was portrayed on screen. So as usual I am totally late to the hype but can't wait to really see how the book was written, one thing that intrigued me whilst watching the film was the way the story evolved and the 'diary-like' narrations of the characters, so i'm excited to see how I like this mystery- even after the mystery was solved.

Let me know if you've read any of these novels, what they were like and if you enjoyed them... but keep those spoilers to yourself. As always let your minds wander, maybe this time through the pages of a teen romance x


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