Macarons or Macaroons?

If you asked to know one huge thing about me, I would tell you that I am a huge foodie. Well to be specific a huge dessert foodie. Me, my sweet tooth and I love anything that hits you with that sweet sensation and this is where, when it comes to baking, a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction come into play. Now I know how to spell 'Macarons' but I am still and forever will be unsure how to pronounce them, macaron or macaroon? - but despite that these bad boys are definitely one of my favourites. Macarons I have a weakness for and not just because they are french ( in which I would love to eat them all day everyday if I was ever in Paris) and not just because they're so damn cute (like miniature hamburgers minus the savoury part), but because they're totally delicious. Am I obsessed?  ahh ... yes. So when I came across an extremely simple box set recipe I couldn't resist.

The Adriano Zumbo patissier box sets for salted caramel and raspberry choc macarons are the perfect and easy way to make professional and extremely good looking/ impressive desserts for a party (which I've done a many of times), for yourself, or even just for fun. With extremely simple to follow instructions and even links to video tutorials I have become a master - if I do say so myself. Plus don't they just look fabulous (I did spruce them up with a bit of edible gold paint- couldn't help myself!).


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