The Ultimate Healthy Lunch

Sometimes being healthy is one of the hardest things to do but is always the most important. Todays post is about the ultimate healthy lunch which is super easy, so yummy and I absolutely love it. Its something that almost anyone will eat and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. A healthy platter of veggies and dip that me and my friends love to have when were feeling peckish. It fills me up enough but doesn't make me feel overwhelmingly bloated like a huge sandwich or restaurant dish might do.

So as you can see the platter is super colourful, consists of some grilled pita bread, crackers (of your choice), almonds, sweet red capsicum, celery and a super crunchy carrot. The best part however is the dip which can obviously can be alternated and selected from your personal favourites but one I absolutely love is hummus, which is super healthy in comparison to some other pre made dips and you can even have a go at making it yourself! - If your brave. 
Hopefully you all liked this simple food based post! Maybe i'll have some more healthy eating ideas and some sweet recipes too. 


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