My obsession with coats and the 3 reasons I should have one

I love coats. This may or may not be an understatement as I always seem to plug different coats into different online shopping carts yet never ever seem to actually purchase one. I'm the person who when it comes to items that you make investments in - like a superior coat - I take it seriously, wanting it to fit me perfectly and look exactly how I want it to before the actual purchase takes place. This especially comes into play during the winter months when all the coats return to the shopping racks leaving my eyes wandering up and down at hangers and my hand floating over the soft textured fabrics. This too so eloquently being applied to the simple sight of images all over Tumblr, Instagram and of course online shopping sites... in particular asos. So in trying to convince myself and find the perfect coat to wear this Winter season I thought I'd share 3 reasons why I should have a coat and provide links to some I totally have my eye on. So...

1. They're both practical and extremely fashionable. It's what coats are defined as and what they're for. A classic piece of clothing that is both extremely fashionable and practical. Amazing for the winter months or even sometimes for a summer night cover up there is no denying that the coat is a must-have classic piece that everyone should own, including me.

2. They totally resemble sophisticated blankets always draping over powerful shoulders. A coat exudes power and sophistication. To me when I see someone in a gorgeous and luxurious coat I can't help but look. Their presence is undeniable and the totally extra advantage is that you can be incredibly snug and comfortable in a draped coat - just as if your wrapped in your favourite cosy blanket. A total bonus am I right!?

3. There will always be one (or more) for everyone. With so many on the market in stores and online, both affordable and high end luxurious a coat is a classic piece that every girl and guy should own. There is most definitely a style for all to choose from and its a matter of searching for what suits you and makes you feel best. Once you find it your collection may start to ... let's just say, grow!

Okay well I'm off... To buy a coat I guess aha x ( thought I did a good job tell me in the comments below, or tell me about your favourite coat! I'd love to hear x )

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