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This year I have thoroughly gotten into audio podcasts. Where reading desires concentration and a lack of distraction, podcasts are carefree and easy to really delve into, especially when needing a distraction from the awkward and tad annoying situations of public transport. With my humble return to the constant University scene and the everyday trek I make to be on time to classes, podcasts have become my go-to and I thought today I'd share my recommendations, from the funny to the mysterious and the up most intriguing, all knowledgable to an extent and all delightfully entertaining. So take a wander through 'The Podcast Edit'.

1. This American Life. Usually sits at number one on the podcast iTunes charts and I can see why. A weekly podcasts with immaculate storytelling covering quirky stories and unique topics. Its a constantly evolving podcast with a different and provocative interpretation of the interview and the human condition. Integrates Americal people, real people and real stories that keeps you interested, definately a well developed podcast that is thought provoking, insightful and thoroughly entertaining even for a non American listener.

2. Serial. Now this one I came addicted to, and I'm still waiting for a season two. Serial, by the creators of This American life, is a unique podcast that unfolds one true story over the course of 12 episodes. A mystery, a crime, a victim and a story. What unfolds with narrator Sarah is an untold investigation, with similarly enticing storytelling and documentation that questions innocence, guilt, truth and lies, a truly incredible podcast that I became engulfed in during its release and still anticipate and desire its conclusion, if any.

3. Ear Biscuits. If your an avid youtube watcher you may have heard about this podcast by Rhett & Link, the face of Good Mythical Morning ( a great watch by the way). What this podcast does over so many other youtuber podcasts is delve deeper into the lives of some of the worlds favourite online personalities, lets us into their childhoods, their lives on a personal level whilst allowing us to realise the struggles and triumphs they've been through and acknowledge their identity as real people. It is probably one of my favourite podcasts to listen to being entirely intriguing and able to satisfy my nosey'ness, but it also explores each individuals content, the creation of that content and the relationship the content provides with their audiences, an entirely bewildering prices of effort and hard work, both technical and inspiring.

4. Explain Things to me. Another youtuber based podcast hosted by Anna Akana and boyfriend Brad Gage, a simplistic purpose to sit down with experts to discuss and 'explain' their various fields of work and expertise yet an entirely entertaining and intriguing listen. Explain things to me is a  knowledgable podcast, you'll learn about the lives of many from a fashion model to a police woman, or a aerialist to inventors, these are jobs many may know about, perceive to know or have no idea about, and the podcasts delves into how their career has affected them, what they've learnt, who they've become and where they want to go. Thoroughly entertaining and a great listen for any audience willing to learn more about people and many different working fields.


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