MKW Designs: 14 Years

Seeing as this year symbolises my 1st  complete year of University! Yes... what!? I decided to create a throwback layout to the good old days, yes ... high school. As you've probably all endured or are going through now, high school is a mixed experience, it's like travelling - you'll lose your luggage at times, or forget your phone charger for others but overall the experience is ... an experience. For me high school or senior school, you choose, was great! Yes I had my ups and downs but overall, especially my last 2 years, were full of amazing memories in which I've met the most amazing people, who to this day are still absolutely fundamental in my life and happiness. Sound super cheesy but true. So I created this layout to commemorate and celebrate the 14 years of my life that I dedicated to high school. It's quite similar to my recent Christmas layout post - with lots of layering, the geometric placement and pattern - but I'm really loving this style which you probably won't know is kind of different and fun for me to create! Hopefully this inspires you to make the most out of your high school experience and remember to positive times you have made or will make during those years. Remember once it's gone it's gone forever!
P.s. I love scrapping with Instagram photos - these shown are 2x2 inch squares.


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