Merry 2014 Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Just an extra post this week with a gif version of my 2014 Christmas card to wish you all a very merry and joyful Christmas. May you and your families all be blessed with lots of love, many new and wonderful memories with your loved ones and enjoy the glorious day of gift giving and good food consuming. I did also just want to make sure everyone cherishes the time they have with the ones they love, ensure you tell them you love them and take every single second you have with them and make the most of it. There will come a time which is both undesired and undefined where those you love will pass and regret, guilt and sadness may seep into your being. Always unwanted and unexpected this can be overcome by the love of family especially at this time of year, so please love and love hard and don't forget about those who are your most precious around you. 
Okay ramble over, let you heart always wander dolls especially this holiday season x


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