MKW Designs: Floral Cut Collection

As a full time student and designer its hard to give time to being creative and utilising the tools and skills you've learnt in life in practice, however recently I've been on a kick, or ... binge. I guess you could say I've been obsessing over producing something and I have been loving' it ! It's nice to have time, a creative outlet and share this with all of you.

So to get to the point - I've been developing a collection of handmade greeting cards, mainly birthdays, as these are most popular and get used a lot, but have literally been non-stop shooting these bad boys out and am really pleased with how they look!
The thing that I love the most about them is the design, which is pretty much consistent over all of the cards which I have called the: Floral Cut Collection. It consists of a hand painted gold greeting, in a cursive font which is then hand cut around leaving a exposing pattern and small border existent around the edges. The cut-out patterns reveals the underlay of floral patterned paper and is embellished with a glitter glue of sorts. I think these cards are amazing, yes they may have taken a couple of hours to produce, but giving one of these to a friend and seeing their faces light up is priceless. Plus, I've always made the cards that I gift to friends and family, its something that not only gives me a creative outlet but is satisfying and makes me genuinely... happy.

P.S. I hope you guys like these posts with things I've designed, created or simply put together. There will definitely be many more coming in the future from paper crafts, scrapbooking, graphic design works and maybe even some traditional stuff. I'm excited..... are you?


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