Hourglass = Highlighting Heaven

Is it just me or does everyone look better with a ... glow? It's a trend to stay, from runways to the the average beauty lover, the idea of a 'subtle but my skin looks way better' glow is something even I a girl with oily skin, yes oily skin tries to mimic and strive for. Trying to prevent that disco ball look is retrieved only by subtlety and this Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe  palette is not only divine in sight but on the skin becomes holy grail! For me a matte/satin face is key and with that a dewy look is extremely limited or totally obsolete, so to add that radiant celestial glow to the skin a powder across the cheekbones is definitely ideal. With three different shades, one new limited edition shade incandescent light, and two existing, Dim light and Radiant light, this palette is a gorgeous new addition to my highlighting collection (which only consists of two other  products) and is surely beloved.

The shades are meant to resemble and recreate the most 'exquisitely flattering types of light' I don't know how but it sure seems like Hourglass Heaven to me.So if your a dewy skin lover try this out, I'd love to hear your thoughts and reviews but be quick it is limited edition and I am already late to the game so I'm sure it'll be gone soon.
So glow and wander.


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