My in-flight travel essentials #MKanTravel

Travelling is a must in my department and knowing how to pack appropriately- the essentials - is definitely something everyone needs to know, especially over packers like me. So as I am travelling soon to the beautiful country of Singapore I've decided to help you travellers out by starting a little series called   #MKanTravel   with 3-4 posts each consisting of different tips on travel. Whether it's on how to pack or essential items each post will be on something all tourists will need to remember. Hope your excited because I am!

To kick this off is ... My in-flight travel essentials.

What to bring in your carry on luggage is a very important question that must be answered. As the only items you'll have on you during and after the flight, it's essential to know and pack the appropriate and necessary items for a stress- free flying experience. So let's get straight into it... 

1. Passport and the important info... A no brainer. Just for those who seem to forget, of course you'll need your passport, embarrassing photo and all. This along with flight details, hotel booking papers and cash in relevant currencies are always going to be the most important travel items so keeping them in a handy travel wallet for easy access and security is a must. Easy
Tip: Make photocopies of everything... Your thank me later

2. The Tunes. Obviously no in-flight experience is complete without some kick ass songs to jam to... and sleep to. Along with some noise cancelling headphones this may become a saviour on a travellers journey, no one can travel without music I right? (if you can I'd suggest earplugs). If you want see what I'll be listening to on my vacation check out my spotify playlists here. (Would contain some listen worthy T Swift and obvs Queen B if you want to check it out.👌)

3. The Read. Great to pass the time when on a long-haul flight, a favourite novel, magazine issue or audiobook will come in handy for every traveller. Make sure you have plenty of different options just in case you prefer something text heavy over visual (I'm loving the mortal instruments series at the moment but may bring some good old John Green novels to delve into). 

4. The carry on Beauty Bag. Of course with every flight comes the dehydrated skin, chapped lips and that overall stuffy feeling, so combat that with some of your best travel friendly products. Some of my must have carry on items include; hand sanitiser, Lucas paw paw ointment...(Sorry keep your ye out for an in-depth post coming soon). Tip: always keep liquids under 100ml and in bottles labelled clearly, such is great for overall convenience... don't need any trouble with security do we? 

5. The tech stuff.  All hail technology. Whether it's your iPod, iPad, iPhone, camera or all three, your technology is a definite must. In vacation terms it's your media relief, entertainment and even later your connection to the outside world. Use to watch films or tv shows, read books, type notes, organise your itinerary or take candid shots whilst in flight, it's always a necessary item for us tech savvy and connected travellers. Tip: Always pre-charge everything before you leave and don't forget to pack all the chargers and cords, all will be needed when you get to your final destination.

6. The notebook and pen. Always ready to take down notes, journal, list must-do experiences for your trip or in my case jot down any spear of the moment blogging ideas, a notebook and pens should always be on hand. Don't forget when you need to fill out any forms on the flight you don't want to not have a pen on hand... am I right?

7. The Stress relief. If your an uneasy flyer ensuring you have some sort of remedy to relax and calm yourself can often do the trick. Whether it's as simple as a soundtrack of the ocean or dolphins, candy  and gum to prevent ear popping incidents, or a consumable stress relief like Rescue Remedy Drops or Rescue Remedy Pastilles  it doesn't matter, as long as your as comfortable as you can be..... plus, It's always good to be prepared. 

Comment below your travel essentials and if I've missed any, I would love to hear from you.
Don't forget to let yourself wander in 2015.


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