MKW Designs: Star*bucks

Starbucks. Yes, you may be wondering, or not wondering, why I've decided to make such a layout based on a café that sells extremely delicious cold and hot beverages. Well as such a well known place that is highly recommended and exposed, I always desired to get my hands on a Starbucks drink, yet the only times that this would happen was when travelling out of the country. What!? Yes there is NO Starbucks in Perth. Devastation. I'm only kidding. These images are from the Starbucks in Shanghai, China - from a school trip - and I'm pleased to say that frappé was, what do you call it... magnifico!
I hope you like the layout, it was fun to play with the entire patterned background, especially this checkered red and the painted green type. Yes, those letters were previously grey - who says you can't paint them! Again the layout was really fun to make and different for me to do, just ensuring I kept the focal point on the patterns themselves and breaking it up with a complementary colour scheme and minor additional elements like the original starbucks logo -which I cut out from the original cup holder - and the small additional specs of yellow and green that pop through with the washi tape, patterned banners, stars and lettering. Hope you all enjoy this post, and tell me in the comments what's you favourite Starbucks drink? Mine is a classic Grande Mocha Frapuccino Blended Coffee, boring but ..... sooooo good.


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