A Best friend with a loaded closet

I'm such a snooper when it comes to other peoples closets - the clothes, the brands, the organisation and colour co-ordination... yep I'm a crazy one when it comes to all that. So when my friends let me into their humble and stock packed crazy closets my eyes go wide and my smile extends past my cheeks - a kid in a candy store, yes I am. A friend of mine recently let me use her in a  uni project which I thought I could share with you all here on my blog. It's a quick look book where we put together a couple of outfits straight from her closet, we took a few snapshots and even shot an (amateur 'ish) video which hopefully you'll all appreciate. She's gorgeous and so are the clothes so I hope enjoy the styling that was done almost literally out of the backseat of her car... yes that right 'a last minute styling sesh' can always lead to great things (one of these being a great mark!) .

Photography & Cinematography: Melissa (me)
model: April (from I'm Obsessed)

P.S. Don't worry guys the video isn't broken- it's a unique technique called 'data-moshing' otherwise known as 'glitching'. It's what you get out of a creative image communication unit and is actually a piece of art if you STOP and look closely!


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