'Bahama' Mama

I'm one who digs those deeper hues, when theres a burgundy red, plum purple or mauve pink i'm usually all over it. With a more olive skin tone i've come to the conclusion that these understated darker colours satisfy me way more than your average pastel pink loving individual (still me at certain times). A friend of mine recently picked up this gorgeous shade of the NARS velvet matte lip pencils in Bahama, and let me tell you i'm in love, and have been since the first time I saw it bear her lips so... I had to get one. A gorgeous pinky, mauve shade that not only satisfy's my neutral loving self, yet also the part of me that desires a little something 'extra' - a little oomph.  

A colour that would look divine on most skin tones and with a lighter application can become a beautiful, subtle rosey addition to your natural lips rather than its sexy and deep look at full coverage. It has become a definite favourite of mine at the moment that has found its beloved home in my everyday makeup bag. These delightfully creamy and soft NARS lip pencils are so incredible (please tell me your favourite shades!) and i'm sure that my collection will be expanding ever so quickly after this and a little browse at Mecca Maxima online... sorry bank account. 


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