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If your an avid style watcher and lover of all things fashion you would obviously know that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has been taking place over the last week or so, with glamorous embroidered collections to divine and sleek elegant styles, the week has compiled runways with a multitude of designer collections ready to be admired and interpreted by bloggers, stylists and the fashion forward audience. I always try keep up with shows through photographers and Australian fashion bloggers who personally attend the runways, and usually am drawn to a show with impeccable designs, indulgent visuals and gorgeous beauty. As you may have seen in previous posts, I love to interpret the designs in an artistic format, it has now become a way to exert my need and desire to be creative, along with this blog and photography, art and illustration is a passion that I endeavour to indulge in every now and then. So in honour of a show that visually was what I call pastel perfection, I thought a couple photoshop sketches and renders where in order.

I had never heard of Dyspnea as a brand or the two designers, Rach and Jam who lead the label, before coming across just gorgeous images of their Spring Summer 15/16  MBFW runway show. It's hard to believe how such talent can pass eyes such as mine that adore their pink, fluffy designs so much, however I am just glad I have finally had the chance to be one of their devoted supporters. As they are local designers from Perth, Western Australia I crave to support them and their contribution to Australian fashion, Aussie Aussie Aussie... am I right? Other than this, their 'girls just wanna have fun' designs incorporate marshmallow pink and pastel hues that featured soft fluffy pom poms, tulle and intricately lace embroidered fabrics, keep me coming back again and again just to view their runway images. Alongside their beautiful designs absolutely amazing beauty adorned the models petite faces. Sleek hair with baby like curls draped around the sides of the face, and a deep, smokey purple eye was blended, shimmering its way all around the eye, until it reached the models naturally groomed brow. Just look at the images HERE and HERE and be amazing at the beauty you see.
I absolutely loved the show and hope you all appreciate it and my sketches of the designs also.
Let me know what you think of them in the comments below and don't forget ... let your minds wander during fashion week x


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