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Lately i've found myself wandering through a new wave of music. I've been getting more into various styles and genres, leading myself away from the typical radio repeats, (not that there is anything wrong with them, I still love a good radio favourite) but discovering some new, un-established and impeccably produced tracks with featured artists to go along with them. I love music, the way the rhythm can push and pull you, engulf you and move you is not only calming, but striking and inspiring. When you listen to a particular song that takes you, it's like an echo in your soul, a journey to be taken. So I thought this week a little wander through my recent most listened to playlist was due, what I've begun to explore music wise and what, most importantly, I've had a good party to. So in honour of my deepening musical likeness Ive made a  MUSIC KAN WANDER  playlist on my Spotify page - one where you can all go and listen to what I've been loving lately, which can either broaden your scopes of music or debut something new. 

If you desire specifics, Years & Years have been my go-to, their electronic tracks with impeccably catchy and smooth vocals have really been my jam for the past month or so - check out their hit 'King' as a taste or 'Take Shelter,' my personal favourite at the moment. 
Hozier, a more popular artist with his dreamy lyrics and softly spoken vocals - his latest song 'Something New' has really caught my ears lately, lets just say it has made its way onto my repeat list. 
The Kite String Triangle, their track 'Arcadia' has an amazing production, sweet beat and cool vocals, I can't seem to get enough - oh and the chorus is the bomb.

So if your looking for some dreamy productions to listen to, please have a wander and access the playlist below - tell me your favourite song or if you have any suggestions of what else I can listen to. I'd love to hear! 
Remember music kan wander too... x



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