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So todays post is more of a 'get to know me' post as it consists of basically tag questions. These particular questions where put together by my friend April on her blog 'Im Obsessed' here and I'm basically just going to answer them for some fun! Here we go... 

#1. Do you sleep with the closet door open or closed?
I think this one depends. I don't leave the door fully opened because I know that is kinda scary but its not shut locking me away from everything aha. I think that is due to claustrophobia that I may have gained from caving at a year 7 camp. But thats a story for another time. So I'm probably a half way kinda gal.

#2. Do you ever dance when theres no music on?
Yes. Having done dancing for a long time in my childhood its always been a passion of mine even if I wasn't the best dancer! And I'm extremely obsessed with So you think you can dance and when I see some amazing dancing I get way too excited and happy. I might even try replicate them but thats something noone wants to see aha ... I'm weird huh?

#3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Probably ..... rude people.

#4. What is your song of the week?
So I have always found it extremely hard to answer questions like these, but if I had to narrow it down artist wise I would definately have to say Years and Years they have truly been my electronic jam at the moment and I am so ready for their new album to release. But in terms of something more mainstream Sam Smith, a voice so incredible and Taylor Swift, her album '1989' yep I have no words. But I could literally go on !! Check out my current playlist of faves in this blog post here or go straight to my spotify playlist here if you want to check out the rest of my most listened to songs. 

#5. Do you want any tattoos?
Yeah. Its been up and down with me and tattoos. I appreciate them as art, think some are so beautiful, but if I were to get any they would be meaningful and I would have to love them 100%.

#6. Ultimate celebrity crush?
Gosh. Probably at the moment Evan Peters. Im a big American Horror Story Fan.

#7. When was the last time you wrote a letter?
If this includes writing an extremely long, 'letter like' message in someones birthday card then about a month or so ago for her 18th Birthday! It also included way too many pictures that I hand cut and glued to make it all fancy... aha :)

#8. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
Umm, I clearly remember being a princess for halloween once, then a cowgirl and a witch so I guess I liked to change it up each year.

#9. Do you sing in the car?
I would like to know who doesn't sing in the car!? 

#10. What is your greatest fear?
Being a disappointment or failure. Having too many regrets.

#11. Favourite colour? 
I do think this depends on my mood but I am a typical Pink lover, loving the pastel and blush shades at the moment. But in terms of clothing GREY all the way - there is too much of that in my closet.

#12. Do you wear slippers?
YES. But only in the Winter, Summer is way too hot for those things.

#13. performance you saw?
Dinner, a play by Moira Buffini. An extremely dark, satirical comedy I saw for a design branding project - I can show you all my final design pieces soon if your interested?

#14. Tea or Coffee?
I love both. Again one that changes all the time.

#15. What is your favourite food?
I love pasta soooo much I would eat it all day everyday if it was healthy for me aha. But I also love sushi, pizza, and have an extreme sweet tooth!

#16.What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Hmm I think I wanted to be a senior school Art Teacher.

#17. Favourite makeup product ATM?
I think Ive been loving my Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipstick in 20 Rosetto at the moment. Feeling BOLD. Check out my previous Blog post on it here

#18. What are you currently studying? 
Im studying Mass Communications / Digital Design and Advertising. I'm all about them visuals:) 

#19. When was the last time you laughed?
Today probably 20 minutes ago re-watching Kristen Bells interview on Ellen about her Sloth Video. It's a classic please if you haven't watched it do so here. I LOVE her.

#20. Favourite saying or quote?
I'm still searching for one that sticks with me, but here are some I love at the moment.
"Do what makes you Happy"
“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

Let your minds Wander x M


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