The Winehouse Flick


When winter comes around as it usually does, my makeup routine takes a silky turn. As the cooler weather makes it around to Australia I seem to get the most out of the makeup I own, testing out new products, and revisiting 'oldies but goodies' as my skin can withhold and retain the looks I create much more than when the sun seemingly melts it off my skin. One thing that certainly has peeked during these winter months is my use of liner, liquid or otherwise. Usually the summer months curse me with black smudges up my eyelids as oily lids, and summer sweat don't mix, but during the winter days I can somehow pull off a Winehouse flick. I used a recently purchased, Maybelline master precise liquid liner to create the look below, a felt tip liner that is long lasting with an even colour and finish, the perfect drug store purchase for you liner lovers. Below are a few images of the go-to dramatic cat eye:  flawless skin, a bronzed contour and a thick black wing - you really can't go wrong.  Hope you love my little tribute to Amy herself with her documentary roaming cinemas soon, so take a look and please let your minds Wander x M


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