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Over the past few months I have shared a variety of posts, from lifestyle and design to posts where I bare all exposing what I feel is visually beautiful, whether that is something I created or something found, retrieved or photographed. Today I thought it would be nice to throwback to some of my earlier posts, especially for those new to my blog and only just following my hopefully expanding social presence ( all links top left hand corner :), you can delve thoroughly into the Minds Kan Wander archives for a little Design Round Up, simply a round up of three of my earlier posts that were design, illustration or craft based. Design is something I'm incredibly passionate about both career wise and personally, so I hope you enjoy these linked posts, let me know what you think and if you liked this Archive Round Up, maybe another similar one can make its way online later on this year. As always let your minds wander, through MKW archives and beyond x

1. The Floral Cut Collection. During the early stages of my blogging journey I was in an utterly creative trance, producing, developing, designing everything and anything I could. At that moment in time paper crafts were a huge part of my life and they still are with the exception of my limited time to play around these days. So a flashback to this awesome set of cards I made for many occasions, lets face it... mainly birthdays... are provided on this post, all handcrafted, hand cut and hand made with love, passion and creativity by me of course! If your in need of some card design inspo or are just interested in the functions and beauty of paper craft let your mind wander to this post.

2. Spring / Summer 2014. If you prefer something more fashion related and love a good fashion week flashback then this design post is definitely your style. A post that encompasses my love and complete adoration for the Burberry Spring / Summer 2014 collection which was a flutter of soft pastel hues, incredible jewel embellished pieces and gorgeously lush looks that I still am head over heels for even a year later. Seriously if you loved that collection you'll love my illustrations of some of my favourite runways ensemble's that I have promoted and used so many times I can't count... can you tell I adore it so much? So wander through mystical, fairy floss pink and duck egg blue outfits if you dare.

3. Project Uni #1. Finally this post also follows the fashion footsteps yet in a digital respect, a gif design that became a Communications unit final assignment project. A take on animated collage and gif creation that utilised the theme of fashion and travel, it was a totally awesome project and clearly became a favourite class of mine... I mean gif making as an assignment = awesome! So if your interested in the me side of life take a wander through the animated project of 'Fashion Flies 2.0'... and grade it how you wish. 


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