My Greatest Bake... so far | Brothers 13th Birthday

I love Baking. All things sweet are my weakness and baking does not help me in any situation however, I do seem to freakishly enjoy it. So when a friend or family members birthday comes along I jump at the chance to pull out all the stops, bring out the big guns and bake something utterly delicious that looks even better than it tastes. Obviously success depends on your expectations but I thoroughly enjoy the whole baking process (apart from the aftermath cleanup) and thought it would be fun to show you all my most recent and most elaborate bake for my little brothers 13th birthday. 
A red and green vanilla and chocolate cake with buttercream icing, filled with chocolate ganache and topped with cake crumbs, chopped ferrero rochers and decorative gold paint - for good looks. It may not be the prettiest but it sure did taste good and impressed the brother with the mediocre expectations. Hope you guys enjoy and maybe next time I'll post a recipe and comment below what you baked recently I would love to know! 
Until next week x M


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