Sports Luxe | Uni Project #2

I'm Back!
I apologise for my lack of creative beauty posts on this blog, but as it comes my life at the moment has been filled with plenty papers, stacks of assignments and stress for days projected from the completion of semester one back at University. Nevertheless I hope you can forgive me, I cannot wait to get straight back into the swing of things here on the blog with my weekly posts! To kick it off this week is my second Uni project share. The positives of being a design/communications major is the creative projects you get to apply yourself to, like the Visual communications gif I shared in this post a while back and now the following Typography magazine assessment I'll be sharing for the next few weeks. This assessment called us to develop a magazine with 3 article spreads (yes articles sourced from the web and linked below), create all images and illustrations ourselves, and develop the overall feel, design and layout the magazine would take on. I decided on a fashion magazine so I could interpret the articles I chose with photography and stress aside, I had so much fun doing it! I'll be sharing the images from three shoots I did and the final outcome over the next couple of weeks, primarily because there a way too many to choose from. I really hope you enjoy coming along with me on the great whirlwind of the university ride, love the designs I create and enjoy watching the images I take come to life. It's an honour to share them all with you and I cannot wait to hear what you think. Take a wander x

Photographer: Melissa Waldron
Model: April Williams


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